Join me for a long weekend of spiritual immersion in Byron Bay.


I am hosting a private retreat for a small number of high performing women.

At a certain point in your life, you’ll have all the strategies and blueprints.

But, to create something incredible in your life, you’ll need space for the next vision to emerge.

To stop and look inside. To create. To know, just know.

Everything flows from who-you-are and you need to put yourself in an inspiring and creative space, with supportive and equally ambitious people, outside your normal day-in-day-out routine in order to listen and know what’s next for you.

To really invest in your own wellbeing and then take that back to the office with you to grow, enjoy your life and make the next big step. 

Mare xxx


  • 26-27-28 March 2021
  • November 2021

Criteria for application

These retreats are initially only open to women who want to explore their own inner intuition and energy work. I predominately work with entrepreneurs and business-women who have control over their own finances and decisions.

Although this will be a deeply personal journey, you will need to be comfortable discussing various facets of your life, including money, business, spirituality and relationships. I discuss non-denominational religious topics and welcome people of all faiths.

I aim to have women at the same retreat who are at the same stage of their lives and this often means that the more they share, the more they get out of the experience.

Our next retreat will focus on women who want to grow their business sustainably without burnout, and also have a better work/life/self balance.

It’s really important to the whole group that you can be open minded to feedback, take personal responsibility your own success and can offer feedback and support to the group.


Here’s what we will be covering and learning:

  • How to understand if it’s your fear or your intuition speaking.
  • My practices for slowing down to speed up. That means getting more out of each day, without burning yourself out.
  • How to peacefully manage yourself and your team at work and your personal life (without raising your blood pressure!)
  • Implement my 3-step process of moving yourself out of overwhelming thoughts and into a space of love and freedom.
  • Master the practice of self-care and I’m not just talking about booking yourself a massage …instead learn how to actually put yourself first.

The whole event is an immersion of relaxation away from kids, husband, colleagues, business and all of the other stressors in your life to focus on yourself and your own well-being.

Even walk away being an even better version of yourself: wife, mum, daughter and business owner.


  • 4 breakfasts, 3 Lunches, 3 dinners and all snacks. All healthy choices.
  • 5 nights accommodation in private room – no room share (3 day retreat + day before and after)
  • Late 11am checkout on Monday
  • 1 hour full body deep tissue massage with intuitive healer Ash Tolson
  • Personal 1-on-1 medium reading with me (Mare Forfa)

Excludes: Transport and airport transfers.

Location: Byron Bay

Nearest airport: Ballina or Gold Coast

Here’s how Lou found the experience of our February retreat…

I am a business owner and mum of two beautiful girls. I had the pleasure of attending one of Mare’s retreats last year. And if you are thinking about going to the retreat, don’t think anymore, go!

Working with Mare is such a joy, the environment is so relaxed, the women are amazing, Mare’s amazing, she has such a great approach.

The biggest thing I have got out of the time I’ve spent with her is really learning to trust my own intuition. Really connecting with that, knowing how to do that everyday has been so important to me, it has been invaluable, but just in my personal life, but definitely for my business as well.

You know, as a business owner, sometimes you second guess yourself, and just understanding and knowing how to understand what’s fear, what’s intuition, how to connect with it, and how to trust it, has been so important to me.

Here’s what Janet says about working with Mare…


Buy-Online Price
AUD $2,500*

* GST is applicable for Australian residents and a payment plan is available.

Applications Now Open

Apply to join me for the next retreat

The group dynamic is extremely important to me, so before booking, I will speak to you over the phone to make sure it’s suitable for your personal situation and to ensure that you’re a good fit with the rest of the group