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When life punches you in the face…

When life punches you in the face…

The Tyson come-back fight was on recently, and boy what a match it was! In amongst the sweat and punches was a profound spiritual lesson for the holidays. You see, Mike Tyson has had somewhat of a spiritual awakening over the past few years. He has become some sort of...

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How I get myself back ‘into the zone’

How I get myself back ‘into the zone’

I feel that I live a very spiritual life. I mean, I’m a spiritual teacher god-damn it (pun intended) and so my life should be somewhat spiritual. However, it’s still true that sometimes, I find myself not in alignment with the highest truth and power. I feel shitty...

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A psychic moment stopped my death

A psychic moment stopped my death

Have you ever got a knot in your stomach, as soon as you met someone? Like, you just knew they were dodgy? Or, have you ever known something was going to happen before it happened. Then kicked yourself that you didn’t listen? This happens to me all the time. Last...

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Mare is incredibly gifted.

I recent had a life event that lowered my self confidence, I was irritated easily and I constantly had a fuzzy mind. After just one session with Mare I was able to think clearer, allowing me to reduce my irritation and think things through as well as understanding the skills I have as an individual and gain more confidence.

Thank you Mare!

Phoebe Beckers
Central Coast, Australia

Working with Mare has been life changing and exciting!

The way she shares her experiences has helped me grow within my work and life!

If you have the chance to spend ANY time with her, do it! It will change your life.

Kris M Love
Activate Your Power, Sydney

Mare always taps into exactly what is needed at the time.

I’ve gotten answers to big personal questions and made shifts in my business from simply closing my eyes and letting Mare guide me through the process.

It’s time for me every single week that makes everything clearer, better.

Thank you Mare

Jess Rawstorne
StepUpProfits, Sydney

Did somebody say freebie?

Wanna re-connect with yourself – without meditating?