Leadership & Spirituality Coaching

Because there is no line between business and life.

Aligning the Physical, Mental & Spiritual aspects of you.

Leadership & Spiritual Coaching

Do you ever feel a little out of balance? Like, there is something missing but you can’t quite get your finger on it?
Leadership & Spiritual coaching helps to figure out exactly what it is, and helps to align your physical, mental and spiritual self.
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Work With Mare

Medical Coaching

Click below to find out more about the companies and charity that Mare and her husband Tom have founded since 2007.
– The Doctors Collective
– The Humanitarian Doctors Foundation

Are you an Entreprenuer wanting growth in your business and personal life?

Leadership Coaching is specifically designed to help you grow within your business and step into your true leadership role.
Entreprenuers don’t have the luxury of decompartmentalising their personal and professional life, and Leadership Coaching helps to give you the skills to juggle it all and step into your true power.

Reignite your connection with your Soul

Learn how to reconnect with your soul through Mare’s guided meditation circle or book yourself in for a one-on-one reading. Get answers that you haven’t been able to find yourself with the help of a medium who understands business and personal development.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Mare is incredibly gifted.

I recent had a life event that lowered my self confidence, I was irritated easily and I constantly had a fuzzy mind. After just one session with Mare I was able to think clearer, allowing me to reduce my irritation and think things through as well as understanding the skills I have as an individual and gain more confidence.

Thank you Mare!

Pheobe Beckers

Central Coast, Australia

Working with Mare has been life changing and exciting! 

The way she shares her experiences has helped me grow within my work and life! 

If you have the chance to spend ANY time with her, do it! It will change your life.

Kris M Love

Activate Your Power, Sydney

Mare always taps into exactly what is needed at the time.

I’ve gotten answers to big personal questions and made shifts in my business from simply closing my eyes and letting Mare guide me through the process.

It’s time for me every single week that makes everything clearer, better. Thank you Mare 🙏🏼

Jess Rawstorne

Step it Up Profits, Sydney

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The Meditation Circle

Perfect for people who love guided meditations and want a place to connect with a group of like minded people to prioritise thier mental and spiritual health.

We like to think of the meditation circle as a group exercise class for the soul. 


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